Welcome to My Political Website

In January 2007, I took office as Representative of Arkansas District 93 in the House of Representatives. As the youngest elected in the 86th General Assembly, I learned to serve the State of Arkansas alongside other Arkansas legislative leaders. Through the guidance and direction of experienced, knowledgeable legislators, I gained the tenure, and wisdom that earned the trust of my constituents.

In January 2013, after serving the limit of 6 years in the Arkansas House of Representatives, I took office as the Senator representing District 7 in the State Senate. I currently hold this office, and consider it an honor to be chosen by the people, to represent their strongest beliefs and desires in and for the state of Arkansas.

This website contains information about my personal background, life, beliefs and passions. Additionally, the issues I have tackled as an Arkansas legislator over the last 7 years as an elected official. I update the contact information and photo album to remain available to the citizens of the state of Arkansas, and I welcome questions, comments and communication at any time. Thank you for visiting my political website!